Celebrity Hair Styles

When actors, athletes and models gain popularity and become celebrities, many people start to emulate their style and hairdressing is no exception. One of the easiest ways to copy your favorite celebrity is by replicating their hairstyle. In the last few decades several celebrities have worn hairstyles that have become almost iconic in pop culture. Here are some of the most famous celebrity hair styles:

The Rachel:

In the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston worked her way into the hearts of people around the world thanks to her character Rachel on the popular show entitled Friends. Her hair was straight and cut into a medium length bob, with obvious layers along the side of the face. This dirty blonde or light brown hairstyle was emulated around the world, causing hairstylists everywhere to familiarize themselves with the cut known as “the Rachel”.

The Cher:

In the 1970s, Cher was one of the most famous celebrities on earth, known for her popular music and slightly provocative persona and style. Her long, black hair was styled in a straight part right down the middle. No layers and thick hair became the look of the 1970s for women in America, and even today the hairstyle is an iconic one and still popular for many women.

Farrah Fawcett:

Cher wasn’t the only women in the spotlight in the 1970s. Fawcett, of Charlie’s Angels Fame, wore a feathered look of long, blonde locks that became incredibly popular in the era and leading up to the 1980s. Big hair became the look many aimed for, and sparked lots of teasing and elaborate curling.

Meg Ryan:

Although many celebrity hairstyle involve longer locks, Meg Ryan proved that a women could wear a shorter style and still look beautiful and feminine. In 1998, when Ryan was at the height of her fame in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, she wore a layered shag cut that was both fun and feminine. The look inspired many women to embrace shorter looks for the new millennium.

Justin Bieber:

It’s not just the women who have influenced the population with their celebrity hairstyles. Justin Bieber, the young Canadian pop singer, has created a generation of teenagers who want to replicate his look. Bieber’s hair is cute in a fringe just above his eyes and swept to the side. It is one of the most popular looks for young men today.